There Are Different Kinds Of Stretch Wrap To Choose From

Posted on: 25 March 2016


When it comes to making sure that your business gets its shipments out on time, it can be somewhat difficult, especially if you have large shipments with multiple boxes that are all going to one place. One way to make sure that everything stays together so that it gets to its destination all together is to use stretch wrap to wrap up the shipment. There are different kinds of stretch wrap that you can choose from. They are blown stretch wrap and cast stretch wrap. 

Blown Stretch Wrap

This kind of stretch wrap is made by melting the resin the plastic is made of. As the heated resin is extruded, it is blown into a big vertical bubble, just like a piece of gum. The bubble gets cooled by the cooler surrounding air. Blown stretch plastic has a longer cooling time than cast stretch plastic does.

Blown stretch wrap has its plusses and minuses. One plus is that it tends to be more puncture resistant than other kinds of stretch film. That is a direct result of the longer cooling process. That process makes the stretch wrap tougher, partly because the cooling process makes the molecules of the resin spread out. The blown stretch wrap is also "stickier". In other words, it sticks to itself better, so when it's wrapped around packages, it will hold to itself very well. That means that it will hold the packages together well. One problem with blown stretch wrap is that it is more expensive because the cooling process takes longer. 

Cast Stretch Wrap

Cast stretch wrap also starts with heated resin. Instead of being blown out like a bubble, the heated resin is fed along a chilled path full of rollers. The rollers flatten the resin out as they cool it and turn it into stretch wrap. At the other end of the path, the stretch wrap is rolled onto big rolls. 

Cast stretch wrap also has its plusses and minuses. One of the plusses is that it's clearer and easier to see through than the blown wrap is. It is also easier to stretch, and you can restretch it on the shipment if you need to. However, if you do have to restretch it, it won't go back to the size it was before you stretched it again. It is also less puncture resistant, so you may have to use more to protect your shipment. 

Stretch wrap makes it possible to wrap up a lot of packages into one shipment. There are different kinds of stretch wrap, so you can choose which works best for your purposes. To learn more, speak to a company like Fox Packaging Services.