Hire A Welding Service Rather Than Attempt A DIY Job For These Reasons

Posted on: 18 January 2016


Whether you need to repair something around your home or you have a creative decorative project in mind that requires some metalwork, you have the make the decision between hiring a welding service and visiting a rental center, loading up with the appropriate equipment and trying the project on your own. The latter approach is certainly admirable; after all, there's an immense satisfaction in rolling up your sleeves and tackling any job around the house. However, welding is something that is best left for the professional -- especially if you want a job well done. Still not sure which approach you should take? Here are three reasons to look up your local welding service and schedule a visit.

The Danger Factor

It's impossible to overstate the danger associated with welding, especially when the tools are in the hands of an amateur. Keep in mind that the process is actually hot enough to cause metal to melt -- the temperature customarily reached in arc welding, for example, is about 6,500 degrees Fahrenheit. The safety risks inherent with welding, however, extend beyond burning yourself due to exposure to such high temperatures. Arc welding emits an extremely bright ultraviolet light that can damage your eyes and even cause blindness. While you should always wear proper eye protection while welding, it can be easy for the amateur to be concentrating on the task and momentarily forget the eye protection, which can have serious consequences.

Need For Specialized Training

Welding can trick the uninitiated into thinking that it's easy, but the reality is that using this skill to attain a desirable result is extremely challenging. Professional welders study for one to two years, depending on the program, and typically also go through an apprentice period in which they gain considerable experience through hours of hands-on training. It's unrealistic to think that by watching a few online videos and then renting the necessary equipment, you'll be able to complete your desired project to your satisfaction.

Inconvenience Of Renting

Even if you live near a rental center, it's a hassle to rent welding equipment for a job at home. You'll need an extensive selection of equipment, some of which is heavy and awkward to transport. The gas cylinder, for example, is difficult to move around, and you also have several feet of hose, the gun, various gun attachments and all your safety gear to lug in and out of your vehicle. It's far simpler to visit a local welding service's shop, such as Risley Machining Ltd welding, explain your project and have an expert handle the job for you.