Remove Rust From A Metal Garage Door And Add A Protective Barrier To Its Surface

Posted on: 28 October 2015


Moisture can cause a metal garage door's surface to corrode. As a result, ugly rust spots may form. These spots can become larger over time if they are not treated and cause holes to form in the door. If you own a garage door that has visible rust, learn how to remove it with the following instructions. After repairing the door, add a coat of rust inhibitor to it to protect it from further damage. 


  • vinyl tarp
  • naval jelly
  • paintbrush
  • wire brush
  • scouring pad
  • water hose
  • industrial strength detergent
  • standard scrub brush
  • clear rust inhibitor 
  • paint tray
  • mixing stick
  • paint roller and roller handle

Eliminate Rust Spots

Place a vinyl tarp in front of the door after it is closed and secured. Apply an even coat of naval jelly to the rust spots with a paintbrush. Wait a few minutes for the naval jelly to loosen the rust. Move a wire brush or scouring pad over each of the damaged areas. Use firm pressure as you move either tool back and forth so that the rust flakes off of the metal surface. If you have difficulty removing any of the rust, add more naval jelly to it before scrubbing the metal surface again. 

Clean The Door

After all of the rust has been removed from the door's surface, rinse it off with a water hose. Adjust the nozzle on the hose so that the water stream that comes out of it is strong. Use a standard scrub brush and industrial strength detergent to remove any stains that are on the garage door's surface. Rinse away all of the soapy residue and allow plenty of time for the door to dry.

Protect The Door's Surface From Rust

Apply an even coat of a rust inhibitor to the door's surface to protect it from damage in the future. Some rust inhibitors that are designed for metal come in a bucket similar to paint. Before using this type of product, mix it well so that the inhibitor is even in consistency. Pour the rust inhibitor into a paint tray so that it is easy to access. Apply an even coat of the inhibitor to a paint roller and apply it to the door's surface, beginning in one corner. Move the roller over the metal surface in straight lines. Wait a few hours for the product to dry.

Once the inhibitor is dry, the garage door will not be susceptible to damage when it is exposed to moisture.